May 19, 2009

Negima 251

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The meeting between Negi Party and the Ariadne Knights continue with liberal Yue-lovin’ and as an aside, Negi stripping everyone present – haven’t seen one of those in a while.

* Well, Negi breezes through the ‘fight’ with no effort. Remember that capture barrier-thing the Ariadne Knights had? How Negi said it would be “trouble” if he got caught in it? He breaks it with one hand. Then he goes Neo on Beatrix and Collet and swats them away, but puts just enough ‘spin’ in the toss for them to land feet first. They are not amused.

(As a side note, Emily calls Beatrix “B”. I don’t know why this is noteworthy.)

* Once they pulled out swords, Negi uses Flans Exarmatio to disarm… except it gets way too powerful and aforementioned mass stripping ensues. Their street audience loves it. Asuna does the usual beatdown, Yue & co. do the “Nooo~!”, Nodoka seems to be the only one who remembers to put some clothes back on ASAP.

* Delicious, delicious fanservice put aside, Seras responds to Emily’s call and tells her not to arrest them. Emily gets really protective of Yue (welp, there’s a new yuri pairing for ya).

* Negi confirms Yue’s identity via Pactio telepathy. He then turns on the lady-killing.

* 2nd LOL from Emily when she finds out who Negi is. “Whether it’s the splendid red hair or the adorable face, he looks exactly like Nagi-sama in his youth…”

* The Ostia Governor (the one Seras told Emily to “be careful” of) shows up with guards and apparently recognises Negi. Don’t think he’s another past character, though. The next-chapter quip says, “A new enemy draws near?” so a fight seems pretty imminent.

* And to cap off what seems to be the last ‘take a break’ chapter, we have some KonokaxSetsuna.

As for spells, there’s… absolutely nothing. Well, okay, there’s the Knights’ sword-summoning and capturing ‘shot’, but there’s nothing else, as expected of a semi-serious chapter.

Me Armat
“(Give) me my sword”?
(Equipped/Bound Sword – think Ritualists from Guild Wars?)

Globus Captans
(Capturing Bounded Field Shot)

PS: Still waiting for Negima 26.

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