May 12, 2009

Negima 250

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After several weeks of break-time… we get a cliffhanger. Oh, Akamatsu.

Anyway, considering what this place is for, there’s not much for me to say (that’s what AstroNerdBoy’s blog is for) but just some notes:

* Shota service on the first page. I lol’d.

* Signum Biolegens at this point is incredibly overpowered – there’s literally no way to tell ‘Asuna’ is Shiori (she herself doesn’t know, for one). As set up in this chapter, the only real way for the reveal would be when they find the real Asuna with Anya.

* Negi’s new getup is badass. Also, as Setsuna says, he has officially surpassed all of Ala Alba in powerlevelz.

* Yue knows that Nagi (the real one) has a son called Negi, that he is the Magister on her card, and that he is one of the fugitives from the Megalomesembrina Gateport.

* Nodoka, Asuna, and Negi bump into Yue and Emily. I lol’d x2. Speaking of which, I’m not basing this on anything in particular, but I think Yue’s going to have a slight personality change after all this and be more direct and assertive – her interaction with the other valkyrie-knights ‘feel’ very different from when she’s at Mahora, and it would be a decent way to get Nodoka more active in the romance subplot.

(Or maybe that’s just because Yue’s one of my favourite girls in the series.)

* Haruna rounds up Ako, Akira, Makie, and Yuuna (plus Ku Fei, Chachamaru, and Sayo) for mass Pactio-ing. “Deeeep kiss <3”

* Natsumi “doesn’t have to do it with Negi-kun”, which is pretty obvious contention for Kotarou.

It’s only the second chapter since the Nagi Cup, but it looks like things will be picking up again soon…


And on the new info for Another World… there isn’t much concrete or not already known.

“Five secrets will become clear.”
“Negi in a desperate situation from the first chapter.”
“Fate’s voice actor is (OO O).” (Ishida Akira?)
“The Opening has a shocking secret!” (only thing that caught my interest)
“What’s the new Pactio Card?” (Negi’s?)
“New theme songs!”

More information coming with Volume 26 (release date: May 15).


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