May 7, 2009

’09 May 07 “the lol-I-fuse-with-spells-now one”

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Glanced through the Agilitas Fulminis lexicon entry again, jotted down some notes, wrote a (very) small paragraph about some of the mechanics of Magia Erebea.

…Of course, Akamatsu does tend to put story before canon – that is, he doesn’t let established facts in the setting get in the way of a plot, and thus far as he’s handled it, it’s fine. Which is another reason why it’s interesting to run a site like this while the series is still going: you can see how Akamatsu’s verse evolves, how new elements are integrated (or bludgeon their way in) and how it all comes together.


PS: And during the same glance-through, I realised I still haven’t posted Calefaciens Exarmatio even though it was one of the first ones I translated. Whups.


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