April 21, 2009

Negima 249

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Well… the thus-far longest one-on-one (well, okay, technically two-on-two) fight in the series is now over at 8 chapters long. Negi’s rundown:

Trump Card #1:
Pactio Artifact (are we ever going to get a name for it?)

Trump Card #2:
Khilipl Astrape / He Astrape Hyper Ouranu Mega Dynamene / Raisoku Shundou / Chihayaburu Ikazuchi

Trump Card #3:
Duplex Complexio / He Astrape Hyper Ouranu Mega Dynamene 2

Trump Card #4:
Dios Logche “Titanoktonon”

Trump Card #5:
Negica Magia Erebea / Taiindou

As Eva says, Negi’s top of the field when it comes to developing magic theory and technique. A skill that “belongs on a desk”… Rakan even says it fits a professor, not a ‘main character’ like Negi.

(A character that “in the third-from-last chapter dies while stopping the enemy”? Did I read it wrong, or is Akamatsu hinting something?)

Anyway, it’s break time again. Chapter 250 hits the streets May 13.

PS: I approve of Natsumi’s tsundere-ness.


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