April 14, 2009

Negima 248

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So, the manly fight of manliness ends pretty predictably.

Sagitta Magica gets another jump with 1001 lightning arrows and, lest we forget, RAKAN POWA!. I guess this is one of the ways to keep those bloody fists in play now that attack spells have gotten this powerful.

I’m not sure if I missed something during the absorption ritual from the chapter before, but apparently, Titanoktonon can be “discharged” as well.

“Titanoktonon” Emittens, Dios Logche
“Great God Killer” Release, Spear of the Lightning God”
(“Titan Slayer” Cast Out, Spear of Zeus”?)

Khilipl Astrape… something. Produkem?

‘shourai’ is “invitation; bringing about; giving rise to; causing” – I usually see it used in a mercantile context… but it should be something like “Bring Out the Thousand Thunderbolts”.

(Note how Negi’s hand sprays out blood everywhere when he uses it.)

Negi might’ve overdosed on the idiot thing a bit, not even checking out Rakan after he downed him. Then again, everyone else thought he won, too.

Anyway, what was started by Takamichi back in Volume, er, 11 (was it?) is over; he’s certified ‘standing on the same stage’. You the man now, dawg! (Literally.)

And yes, Negi STILL has power left over, as “insurance”. He thought Rakan could take Zeus’ thumpin’ thunderbolt and not go down. And he was right, too. Argh, the logic.

PS: Akamatsu noted 247’s mistake in numbering on his blog. Also, one more day until 2nd OAD website opens.


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