April 11, 2009

’09 Apr 11

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Finally, got Artifacts and Spells back in their own pages. The smaller parts (Abilities et al.) will probably be sorted into their own pages as well in due time, but I really wanted to get Artifacts and Spells out of the way for reasons of being bloody huge walls of text.


Artifact: Favor Purgandi
Artifact: Favor Purgandi/Ad Summam Exarmatio
Artifact: Fidicula Lunatica/Cantus Elemosynes (fix)
Artifact: Sica Sisicusiro/Inatsurubi no Katama (fix)

Note 1: I was going to keep using Energia, but after re-reading, Akamatsu’s interpretation of “magic energy” is basically “mana”. So now it’s mana.


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