April 9, 2009

’09 Apr 9

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And suddenly, work!

Just a WIP entry – the Forced Recognition Magic at the end of 17. Did Del Ray’s English release have this? I dunno.

I wouldn’t say this was shoddy or rushed, but I’ll probably go back to it later with a “what the hell, why did I write it like that” sort of reaction. In any case, the Greek is probably hit-or-miss (romanising Greek always does seem to be, seeing how little I know of the language).

There’s actually an entry before this, the earlier part of the spell, which I haven’t gotten into yet. Mainly because it’s half a page long. It -is- rather interesting, so I’ll probably have a go at it.

While the forefront of the story is about the characters and their struggles, Akamatsu’s research really shows on this background material (like that hella long al-iksr/elixir entry, or Rakan’s muscle-flexing dimension breaker that was in fact a gravity spell with a lot of physics behind it). It’s stuff like this that I’m really glad I’m working on this.

PS: Actually, now that I look it over again (5 minutes later) the Japanese sounds a bit off. But ah well, that’s why it’s WIP.


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