April 7, 2009

Negima 247

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Well… I didn’t expect to suddenly see Takane, Mei, Misora, and Cocone. And Takane goes on a spiel about delay spells, too…

EDIT: I totally missed the Duplex Complexio on the first page. Whoops.

Sinistra Emissa Stagnet “Khilipl Astrape”
(Left Arm, Release and Fixate “Thousand Thunderbolts”)

Dextra Emissa Stagnet “Khilipl Astrape”
(Right Arm, Release and Fixate “Thousand Thunderbolts”)

Duplex Complexio
(Double Seize)

And Negi finally ups and makes his own ‘fusion’ spell (Trump Card 4):

Duabus Emisse
(Double/Both Hands Release)

Dextra Stagnans “Khilipl Astrape”
(Right Arm Fixate “Thousand Thunderbolts”)

Sinistra Stagnans “Jaculatio Fulgoris”
(Left Arm Fixate “Thrown Lightning”)

(Technique Integration/Synthesis)

Raijinsou “Titanoktonon”
(Spear of the Thunder God “Titan/Great God Killer”)

…But considering how spells work in this verse, it’s not a totally left-fielder. It’s amusing how Akamatsu keeps pulling a further level of “lightning speed” out (With Lightning Speed -> Complete Electrification -> Permanent Electrification).

Then he goes ahead and pulls out Trump Card 5:

Agite, Extractio
(Technique Extract) (<- ‘extract’ along the lines of ‘reveal’ – literally, ‘thaw’/’defrost’)

Negica Magia Erebea
(Negi Self-Style Dark Magic)

Circuli Absorptionis Ex Tempore (<-probably wrong)
(Immediate Attack Absorption Ritual)

…That last one had me scratching my head for a bit as I tried to find a proper way to translate 陣. Unlike Limes Aerialis (風陣結界), where the important noun was “Boundary”/”Bounded Field”, here it’s the main, er, object. ‘Ritual’ fits well enough, I think.

Eva’s reaction really cinches that Negi has finally ‘mastered’ Magia Erebea, in a repeat of that scene dozens of chapters ago when he first learned it from Phantasm Eva.

PS: Next chapter will have colour page and new info on OAD Series 2.

PPS: Anyone notice the typo? Apparently, it’s chapter 246 again.


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  1. Nice work man.

    Comment by MojinR — April 9, 2009 @ 12:26 pm

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