April 1, 2009

’09 Apr 1 (ch246)

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Lessee… well, there’s Kotarou’s new technique in his self-style which I still have yet to work on at all (but not like there’s a lot to work with, either)…

Inugami self-style beast form secret technique “…something”

Considering the inscription on his head, I’m just going to sit tight and wait for Akamatsu to explain it in the tankubon. The kanji is literally “dog note shadow form”, but the kana can be read as “Nine-note/eternal draft poem”, so it doesn’t make much sense either way. Oh well. (Actually, it can be read as quite a few other things, but the original kanji probably does have a meaning I’m not seeing, so… blah.)

…And then there’s Kagetarou’s most likely one-off Shadow protection spell which was rendered absolutely useless (just like the ‘waterfall shield’ earlier)…

Seven-fold Shadow Cloth, Anti-Physical Barrier (Umbrae Septemplex Paries Anticorporalis)

…the real kicker being, of course, Negi’s double-fisted Magia Erebea.

Double Seize (Duplex Complexio)

Yet more credit to Akamatsu for giving a power-up that feels like a logical extension to the system already in place: he can ‘charge’ spells in both his arms, he can ‘seize’ a spell to fuse with it, so why not fuse with both of them at the same time?

(Also, ‘Double Seize’ sounds a bit awkward, though ‘seize’/’grasp’ is the most direct translation for shouaku…then again, adding “double” onto many words tends to make the result sound awkward. Oh well again.)

PS: Speaking of, I decided to check out the the English scanlations for 246 by one Enigma – great work. Well, some of the phrasing sounds a bit odd, but that’s just me. What I’m confounded about is why all honorifics/titles (except -dono, for some reason) were taken out.


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