March 22, 2009

’09 Mar 22

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Quite a few misses… yeah, I think from now on, I’ll mostly stick to the explanations at the back.

Artifacts: Fidicula Lunatica, Cantos Elemosynes, Encompandentia Infinitas
Groups: Ariadniensis Magus Ordo
Spells: Aionion Petrosis, Sim Fabricatus Ab Incendio

Horaria Porticus (50%)

WIP: Magna Contractio Dimensionis


PS: Considering how big the Spells section is getting, think I might be splitting it into its own page. Also, have to find a way to stop the kanji from spastically (is that a word?) changing from Japanese to Chinese (though that’s probably a problem with WordPad).


PPS: Wait, so Shirabe is a dryad, and Homura is a salamander?

Here’s the entry on Rakan’s slut capsule:

“A capsule-type magical tool that summons half-human, half-spirit beings (such as Undina). (skip a line…) In Period 230, the ones possessed by Rakan are a nature spirit (dryas), a fire spirit (salamandra), a wind spirit (sylpha), and the ‘contingency’ water spirit (undina).”


PPPS: And naturally, the Research Institute caught on to the (probable) dryad and Shirabe’s similarities way before me.


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