February 18, 2009

’09 Feb 18 (WIP)

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More work-in-progress with nothing new added!

Raisoku Shundou
Lightning Speed Instant Movement. Doesn’t seem like a totally different thing, just a faster Shundou.

Haha. Facepalm. That’s what I get for not reading properly. Raisoku Shundou basically is the application of below. (Funny how there’s already a “Lightning Speed” – Agilitas Fulminis – and now we have a ‘real’ lightning speed. Negi’s apparently going somewhere around the neighborhood of 150km/s)

Perfectus Plasmationis
Technique Release (Magia Erebea’s “Complete Form”?)

Per Emissionem
Complete Lightning Form (or “Complete Electrification” would be straighter)? The whole phrase was, “Perfectus Plasmationis Per Emissionem!” – “Dark Magic, Technique Release. Complete Lightning Form” or “Dark Magic, Perfect Form by Discharge” ?

He Astrape Hyper Oranu Mega Dynamene
Great Power (or Vigor) of the Thunderous Sky? The Greek… I have no idea if it’s really referring to Uranus. Oh, and no idea what it means.

Chihayaburu Ikazuchi
Kanji would be, “Thousand Rock Breaking Lightning”. But…


I guess it could just be the usual deal (like with “Inatsurubi no Katama”) but a bit of Googling shows that Chihayaburu has various meanings. Apparently, “awe-inspiring” is a possibility.

Ran into this, which didn’t help.

But, all things considered, I’ll go with “Awe-inspiring” (or maybe some other way to say “shattering the senses”), so “Awe of Lightning Breaker”? Needs a revision or something.

EDIT: And cartoonworld’s take…

So still 意味不明 for yours truly (argh), but something along the lines of Negi’s newfound lightning-godliness. So archaic Japanese was even more ambiguous than modern Japanese?

(“Awe-inspiring” in reference to gods ((violent/intense vigour))…?)


Oh, and did some clarification for Sica Sisicusiro.


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